Thursday, 30 July 2009


More bad news all - I have criminail. Im sure some of you have seen the adverts 'don't be a criminail, get curanail' For those that don't know, suffice to say I have a fungal nail infection on my big toe.

I hot footed it out and bought some Curanail as soon as I realised (£19.99!) but due to my nail varnish obsession I might have had it for sometime and not realised. The box says it can take up to a year to heal but luckily it's only a once weekly treatment so shouldn't be too bad to keep up with.

I highly suspect I caught this from a friend I was staying with recently who had a fungal nail infection AND athleats foot but she swears blind it's not contagious. All I can say to that is hmmmm, sounds like a pretty big coincidence in that case.

I got chatting to the lady in the chemist who sold me the Curanail and she was merrily telling me about her own fungal infection and how she had had it for yonks but not treated it yet! Apaprently she was waiting for winter when she didn't have to wear open toe sandles etc and so could go without the nail varnish. I don't know about you but as soon as I realise I have something like this then I want to get rid, sharpish!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Eating Healthly - No Weight Loss!

I cannot believe I have to report this but after all my eating healthly for a few weeks now there has been no further weightloss. I really can't even believe this. maybe I haven't always been that hot on the excercise side of things but I have been eating so much more healthly than my normal diet! I actually was feeling better in myself as well and even managed to get a pair of old boots on that I hadn't been able to do up until recently due to my fat legs but clearly things arn't going as well as I thought, damnit. I had avoided weighing until recently as I had thought that if I weighed too soon and hadn't lost anything then it would put a downer on things for me - well this is exactly what has happened :-(

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Week Days - Better

As I suspected yesterday and today have been much better diet wise. Yesterday I managed to get on my bro's MyGym which I find such a work out! I didn't manage to do the whole hour video but im going to hopefully build it up over time until im flying through it. It says to do that workout every other day at the most so I have given it a rest today but I have managed to keep my calorie intake fairly down. Today I had:-

Breakfast - shredded wheat
Lunch - salad and a handful of blueberries
Dinner - chicken stirfry

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday No Better

Well yesterday went even deeper downhill after I wrote on here, it seems to be that if I start the day off wrongly then I can't get back on track. My brother made muffins in the evening, cherry / blueberry and choc one's and I had 2 blueberry and 1 choc! Outrageous behaviour.

As today is a Sunday I started off with my normal shredded wheat breakfast again and then lunch is always larger on this day so we had a cooked dinner with brownie choc pudding. Ah well, whole weekend is a write off by the looks of things.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Weekends Bust

Weekends seem to be the downfall for me. I started off well with my normal breakfast of shredded wheat but so far it's only gone downhill from there. I went out to lunch with family to Weatherspoons and had the gourmet chicken burger which included all sorts of nice things like bacon and cheese (eeck) and even came with a pint of Fosters! From there I have been home for about an hour and already have had a jaffa cake and a pack of crisps, the only saving grace might be that jaffa cakes are one of the less offensive biscuits and the crisps were low fat. Does anyone else do so well througout the week then bomb on weekends??

Thursday, 16 July 2009

1lb Down!

Woohoo I have lost my first pound! I am not 11 stone 13lb's (I think there are 14 lb's in a stone right?). I feel chuffed to bits that I have shifted the first one and hope that many more are to follow.

I have cut right down on the amount im eating and have almost totally cut out all sweets / choc / cakes / crisps etc and actually I feel much better for it already. Im eating a bowl of cereal every morning and a proper one at that not something along the lines of coco pops. I never used to eat breakfast before but if I did it would have been something rubbish for me thats for sure.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Better News

Hey All,

Well I think things might be on the up, slightly anyway! Since I last wrote I have been giving the excersise / healthy eating a real good go and actually it's not that bad. I just weighed myself a few mins ago and I was still 12 stone but I do feel a little healthier and am glad im managing to stick to everything so far. Hopefully soon some weightloss will follow!


Thursday, 9 July 2009

BMI Way To High

Well today brought with it a bit of a blow. At the end of this month im hoping to go away for about a month and so decided that I would like to go back on the pill so that I could run 2 packs together while I was away and not have the worry about periods on holiday. However horror of horrors was told my BMI is too high for the normal combined pill and so I have to have the mini-pill! This would be fine but there will be no running 2 packs together on this or rather there will as thats how it works. I asked about periods on this pill and apparently they are unsure what could happen, some women have normal periods, some have irregular and some have none at all. Interesting to say the least and I guess we will have to see how it goes.

Was so depressed about this high BMI thing that I have done no excersise today and have eaten a choc au pain - not good.


Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Hey All,

Well now that the dentist situation is sorted (im down for a checkup on the 8th Dec next, just like a normal visitor hehe) im turning my attentions to excercise. Im currently 12 stone and about 5f3 so as you can probs tell thats a ridiculous weight to be, for those that are usure thats a size 16 in clothes. 16 is supposed to be the uk average size for women but im not convinced about that, and anyway if it is them im pretty sure lots of them are taller than 5f3.

Ok so to begin with my bro is really into his gym / excercise stuff (God know's why I didn't get that gene) so he showed me his My Gym and the excersise vid that came with it - here is a link if anyone is interested - im not sure if this is where my bro got his as it does look slightly different but is the same sort of thing. Anyway the cardio video is what I was really interested in, it involved lots of step up's etc and used the weights on the My Gym in between so seemed to have the best of both worlds.

I first tried this 2 days ago and omg was it hard! You really don't realise how unfit you are in everyday life until you try something like that. I was sweating almost as soon as I started, my face was bright red, I could feel my heart pounding and I could barely breath, I was in a bit of a bad way to say the least. The vid went on for an hour and to be fair I did get about 3/4's of the way through but obviously was doing the easiest option, both on the weights and following the easiest trainer (you choose one of two paths - easy or hard).

Lets hope it gets easier! xx