Wednesday, 28 April 2010

An Interview At Last!

I finally got an interview yesterday, yay me! Took about 18 months mind you, I have had other interviews of course but they were all with agencies and that doesn't really count in the same way I don't think.

I have to say I had checked out the company beforehand and didn't really seem to keen on them based on their website (very industrial etc) but after not working for 18 months I can't be picky so I popped my CV in the post anyway and heard back fairly quickly.

The interview was surprisingly ok, normally I get terrified about these things. I'm pretty sure the reason for this is that I wasn't that keen on the company so wasn't too worried about the outcome. So there's a tip everyone, if you don't want to get nervous about an interview then apply to places you are not keen on!

The interview itself was quite a long, hammering one, lots of 'give me an example of when' questions and few role play scenarios (in a non rude way of course). And actually I came out of the place feeling a little bit more warm and fuzzy about it, which is a good thing in case I do get the job.

Overall and excellent introduction back into the world of interviewing. Let's see where it leads!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

My Grandmother Thinks I'm Fat

Ok so that's not strictly true lol, she just mentioned this morning that my calorie counting has clearly gone out the window as she watched me chow down on 3 biscuits in a row. Sigh, why do I lack the essential willpower??

On a happier note however I tried snowboarding on the weekend for the first time! What a crazy sport but I could really feel the muscles working. My brother and sister have been snowboarding and skiing for a while and really wanted me to try it out with them so my bro bought me a lesson at the place he does, Tamworth Snowdome. Here is the link if anyone is interested, it's an amazing place and they do have real snow on the slopes.