Sunday, 27 September 2009

Back from Nepal

Im back!

I had a great time in Nepal and guess what - I lost more lbs! I really can't believe it but im 11stone 2lbs now which is nearly a stone lighter than when I started. Im double shocked that I managed to loose extra weight in Nepal, especially as anyone who's been there will know that their stable dish is Dal Bhat (kind of a curry).

I wasn't really thinking at all about what I ate over there since I didn't really have any control over it. We did a fair bit of moving around with the volunteering so the only thing I can think of is that I must have been doing more exercise without really noticing (the best kind of exercise if you ask me).

Anyway whatever the reason im really happy and just hope I can keep it up now im back home.

The pic is the view from the monastery where I was teaching English, it was a beautiful place as you can see. For breakfast everyday at 6am we ate monk break (kind of like pita bread) with butter and jam, then at 12am and 6pm we had Dal Bhat each day alongside some lovely very sweet tea, so you can see why I was sure that if anything I would have put on weight!