Thursday, 11 June 2009

Hygenist Appointment

Well this was by far the worst appt so far but actually I do exaggerate and it was fine as well. The hygenist was called Debbie and she said that the dentist had asked her to do a cleaning without local and without happy pills just to see if I could take it so they knew how to proceed in the future.

The scraping around my teeth felt very strange! But it was more an unfamiliar feeling than actual pain, I had gotten so used to having everything done under local that it was unplesant to feel anything at all lol.

Anyway I think it's something thats totally bearable in the future so i've made an appointment with her for 6 months time now and im totally on the road to normality which feels great!

Next I really would like whitening done but im going to have to wait until I get a job for that!

Monday, 8 June 2009

4th Dentist Treatment Appointment

Well I've finished my al my treatment woohoo! I had the bottom left cleaned last week and again no issues :-) Once again the injections did twang a little bit but all very bearable. Honestly I don't know what I was worried about for all those years.

Believe it or not I do have another appt on Wednesday with the hygenist but this is just a general 'this is how to take care of your teeth' appt. To be honest im a bit gutted that I have to drive all the way to Bath for this appt but there again I suppose it does show they really do everything they can to help you at this dentist that I have chosen.

At the end of my treatment the dentist did say that if I knew anymore scared people that I could recommend them to him and they would be happy to see them. This is something I would defo do anyway, they are absolutly brilliant there. Im not sure whether this is a little sad or not but I have bought a little thank you card which im going to post once I have completed this appt on Wed. Anyone who is as scared as I was will know how grateful you can be to a dentist who has taken away that fear after so many years!