Thursday, 15 April 2010

My Grandmother Thinks I'm Fat

Ok so that's not strictly true lol, she just mentioned this morning that my calorie counting has clearly gone out the window as she watched me chow down on 3 biscuits in a row. Sigh, why do I lack the essential willpower??

On a happier note however I tried snowboarding on the weekend for the first time! What a crazy sport but I could really feel the muscles working. My brother and sister have been snowboarding and skiing for a while and really wanted me to try it out with them so my bro bought me a lesson at the place he does, Tamworth Snowdome. Here is the link if anyone is interested, it's an amazing place and they do have real snow on the slopes.


  1. Way cool...I am too chicken to try snowboarding.

  2. No snow here! But one day I'll try snowboarding...

  3. Thanks for the comments guys :-) snowboarding is way cool but way scary too lol, but defo one of those things worth trying, just to see if you can! xx